Our Engineering Values

What We Do

We align our engineering efforts with our company’s mission: Better financial lives, through technology and people.

Just like our financial advisors abide by the fiduciary standard (meaning financial advice they give must be in the best interest of our clients), we develop products and services that serve the best interests of our users and clients.

We create new business opportunities by tackling complex financial problems facing millions of American families.

Every day we create a more connected and data-driven financial ecosystem for our users.

We take pride in our intuitive user experiences and a high quality of service that delights our users.

We filter out the noise to surface the most important information via data visualizations that show how financial actions create a storyline our users can follow to understand their current and future net worth.

We empower our users with personalized financial planning tools.


How We Do It

We believe the best solutions come from empowered cross-functional teams of engineering, product, marketing and advisory, and we believe in the spirit of collaboration.

We believe an important way to deliver financial advice is through data visualization and intuitive user interfaces.

We believe everything we do should be measurable,transparent and accessible to all.

We value open and streamlined communication from documentation in code, automated tests and captured product discussion; we speak our minds openly and freely.

We believe quality is everyone’s concern, and together we work hard to create a product that will improve people’s lives.

We embed best security practices in everything we do, at every level of our organization.

We value accountability, with the goal of fostering leadership and focus.

We work smarter, not harder: we use data to create and refine our business rules to get better results and use automation to scale them.

We promote our processes and best practices by automating them.

We let our code speak for itself through documentation, unit tests and test cases.


At Personal Capital, we’re all about changing the face of financial technology, and we are always looking for great talents to join our team. And you will join a team that works together to motivate, inspire, and change an industry.

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