The Art of Data Aggregation: Personal Capital @ FinDevR 2014

On September 30, Personal Capital presented at the inaugural FinDevR conference in San Francisco. FinDevR, a spinoff of the successful Finovate conference, is oriented to developers and technologists in the very robust financial technology (aka fintech) space. The conference sponsorship was dominated by some well-known household names, such as MasterCard, Paypal, Intuit, and TD Ameritrade, as well as lesser-known (but prominent in fintech) companies such as Yodlee and XIgnite.

In addition to the big players there, there were plenty of emerging entrepreneurs there among the 40+ sponsors and presenters, and it was a great chance to talk tech, rather than business models and user acquisition, with some smart people that were out showcasing great ideas. Payment technology was a big theme at the conference, as well as small-business and micro-lending; social/community angles on financial domain;  big data (always), and lots more. Several companies were there launching new platforms and service, such as Finicity’s account aggregation platform, and Kabbage’s Karrot lending platform for individuals.  It was a well-organized event, especially considering that this was the first time it had been offered, and organizers said there were over 400 attendees.  (CES it is not, and thank goodness for that).

Ehsan and I presented a talk there for developers, “The Art of Data Aggregation”, sharing some of our ideas for financial data aggregation, the foundation for data-intensive fintech services and applications. While most of the other presenters were there pitching their b2b services for fintech developers, we got to relax and just share a purely technical talk, without the added burden of needing to sell anything. (OK, *fine*, we did mention that Personal Capital helps over 600,000 people manage over $100 billion in assets.  I actually don’t really get tired of saying that).  If you’re interested in watching a video of our 6-minute presentation, or any other the presentations, check it out.

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