2013 HTML5 Dev Conf Key Takeaways

  • Embedding complex SVGs into HTML
    • great talk about SVG and how box.js has used it to make its amazing viewer. apparently its more performant than the in-house chrome pdf viewer.
    • highly recommended read.
  • Scale and Performance: Data visualizations in modern browser
    • while the earlier talk was about not using canvas, this was all about using canvas and its might.
    • very inspiring to what folks have done and seems to be most of them are in publishing business (NYT and various media companies)
    • this and couple other similar talks strongly advocate use of D3.js for visualizations
    • Learned about Datawrapper, a tool to create simple, embeddable and interactive charts.
  • Constraint validation: Native client side validation web forms
    • talks about native validation that is available and supported in most browsers
  • Transforming the presentation of official statistics
    • amazing infographics and very inspiring to see huge amounts of data represented in easy to understand, interactive graphics.
  • ReactJS
    • new mv* js library from Facebook … oh what !!
    • its pretty much against everything that the current set of mv* libraries advocates
    • no templates, re-rendering your whole application when data changes… what??
    • and that is why it is a interesting read…never listen to anybody that says “DONT RE-INVENT THE WHEEL”
  • JS Inconsistencies Across Browsers
    • very illuminating and gives you a brief insight into how browsers work and why the inconsistencies.
    • talk about event loop, iframes and xhr gives insight into how browser processes them and advocates good coding practices when using them.
  • Continuous Delivery for JS Apps
    • the highlight of the conference for me. great speaker and very motivating
    • key takeaway: AUTOMATION

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